Sunday, March 14, 2010

the April Trade A Lot Challenge

the April Trade A Lot Challenge them is "April Showers"
---the Rules are more simple than they look....
1. interpret the theme however you like
2. be a value of approximately $10.00-$15.00 after shipping (list at an even $1.00 with no shipping, this is important)
3. list as a reserved item in your shop, and post listing here in the blog comments by the deadline of April 2nd.
4. voting will begin April 3rd and end April 8th
5. winner will win a bonus prize from my shop (to be named later) and will get the first pick in the Challenge Round Robin to be held the weekend of the 9th.
6. The Round Robin will be a PIF game trading ALL of the items we made for the Challenge. Starting with the winner they will pick their favorite from the challenge, that person will go next and so on and so on till we ALL get a trade from the challenge!
-----please convo me with ANY questions. THIS IS GONNA BE FUN DON'T MISS OUT!!!!!


  1. Here is my Items....

  2. ok not sure if i am suppose to show my item here but this is my april showers for the challenge

    roses photo

  3. Mine is completed. This is my submission

  4. Sorry, I couldn't figure out how to convo you, but what is a PIF game?

  5. Here is my "April Showers" item:

  6. yes waiting for votes to be left here and then we will start trading......sorry for the lack of organization I have had a rash of illnesses come through the faimily

  7. If there are no further submissions, and you can't vote for your own, then I vote for the roses photograph by luvmymonkeys.

  8. Is this going to continue? Has anyone voted? Please let me know what is happening. I go in hospital tomorrow (Monday) for quadruple bypass. Won't be home until at least Saturday or Sunday.